1. The basket value must be R100 and more.
    (Lay-bye includes any item in the store….ie. Regular marked stock, markdowns,
    oddments, jewellery, underwear, socks, etc) As long as the value of everything
    adds up to more than R100 when applying for the lay-bye.
  2. A deposit of 20% of the value is required to activate the
  3. ID must be provided on application of the laybye, when making
    payments and when collecting the lay-bye.
  4. Maximum time limit for a lay-bye is 3 months. (Lay-byes will
    be cancelled should you fail to collect or fail to make payments withing the 3
    month period).
  5. A 1% administration fee will be payable should you cancel the
    lay-bye after
    the activation of any lay-bye.
  6. Only 1 lay-bye allowed per customer.